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Our Story

Our Story

J. Capps & Co. was founded in 1978, specializing in construction and building trades accounting and tax. In the years since, we have expanded our staff and our expertise so that it can better serve a variety of industries.

In addition to our Taylors, SC office, J. Capps & Co. also has an office in Slidell, LA, where we specialize in movie and production accounting, with many of our clients working in television and movie productions across the country.

In addition to their work serving our clients, J. Capps & Co. staff have a long history of providing leadership within the tax and accounting industry. Our founder Jimmie Capps is a former National Vice President of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), and our accounting manager Angela Chapman is the current President of the South Carolina chapter of the NATP.

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Our Staff

With over fifty years of combined experience, our team can help you achieve your goals.
Jimmie Capps, EA
Jimmie Capps, EA
Angela Chapman
Angela Chapman
Accounting Manager

Our Services

J. Capps & Co. offers a variety of services to meet the needs of every individual and business.


If your business doesn’t have an accountant on staff, bookkeeping can be an exercise in frustration. Let us make your job easier with our bookkeeping service. We will manage your chart of accounts and keep a set of books that accurately reflects the financial state of your business.

Bookkeeping Software

Keeping an accurate set of books is a necessary part of any business, and bookkeeping software can make that task a lot easier. But sometimes it takes help to get familiar with a new piece of bookkeeping software. Although we do not teach you to use the software, we can help you create your chart of accounts, close out your old books, and make efficient use of your new bookkeeping software. If you choose to use the software we use for your in-house bookkeeping, we can easily load your records onto your computer with a backup drive and you will start out with everything current and ready to go!

Business Consulting

Sometimes it’s good to get an outside perspective from a professional you can trust. Whether you need help solving a problem that faces your business or weighing the costs and benefits of an opportunity, we can provide the perspective you need. With our business consulting services you can count on getting an independent view that provides the insight you need to make decisions that further your goals.

Business Entity Selection

Choosing how a new business will be organized can be a confusing and critical decision. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations all offer differing levels of protection and complication for the business owners. We can help you decide which structure is the right fit for your business, and help you reevaluate that decision as your business grows.

Buying or Selling a Business

When buying or selling a business, we can help you at every step of the process. We can help you put a value on the business changing hands, perform due diligence, and assist with financing strategies for any purchase that takes place.

Estates and Trusts

By planning today, you can take steps to ensure that your estate or trust is executed as you intended. We can work with you and your attorney to understand your goals, take steps to minimize taxes, and assist in transferring assets to your heirs as you direct.

Financial Analysis

Through our financial analysis services, we can analyze your business and provide the financial data you need to support your decision making process. We can also analyze how a situation might change as circumstances evolve, allowing you to plan for how you might respond to different scenarios.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are useful tools for decision making and for representing the state of your business’ finances to outside parties. We can work with your staff to produce accurate monthly or annual financial statements that reflect the financial health of your business.

IRS Representation

An IRS audit can be scary and confusing for a business owner. If your business finds itself being audited by the IRS, we can represent you in your dealings with the IRS so that you and your interests are protected.

Notary Public

For your convenience, we have a notary public available to witness and authenticate the execution of documents and signatures.

Payroll Services

There are numerous local, state, and federal tax laws that all interact to make payroll and withholding difficult to manage. Our payroll experts can manage these business functions for you and alert you to changes in the tax laws that might affect you and your business.

Retirement Planning

With individuals spending more time in retirement than in years past, it is more important than ever to financially plan for this stage of life. Whether you are planning for your own retirement or choosing a retirement plan for your business, we can help you weigh all the options and make a choice that is appropriate for you.

Sales Tax Services

Managing and submitting state and local sales taxes can be complicated, especially if you do business in multiple tax jurisdictions. Our sales tax services can simplify these tasks for you by helping you track your sales tax obligations and preparing your sales tax returns.

Tax Preparation and Planning

With tax laws changing every year, it can be a challenge to keep on top of the particular changes that affect you and your business. Let our tax experts prepare your individual and business tax returns and advise you on ways to minimize your tax liability. We have dealt with many clients who make decisions with little idea of what the effect will be on their tax and financial future. We advise that you call and give us a chance to help you best move forward without costing you more in tax than you need to pay. Remember that knowledge is always helpful.